Popularized by Toyota Way developed in 1930s, Lean Manufacturing is a manufacturing/production method which focusses on reducing times within the production system while ensuring reduced response times from third party service providers – both upstream and downstream. It leads to reduced lead times and operating costs and enhanced product quality.

Lean Manufacturing is built around following concepts –

1.       All manufacturing processes should be highly specified, properly sequenced with clarity on timelines, and identified outcomes.

2.       Ensure communication channels between departments, suppliers, vendors and stakeholders are transparent and unambiguous.

3.       Clean and transparent pathway for every product and service.

4.       Scientific method should be at core of any improvement in the process, product or service and made at the lowest possible level in the organization under supervision of seasoned resources

5.       Eliminate all wastages – faulty good, human skills, machine utilization etc. – to optimize all the processes and ensure quality is top-notch.

6.       Minimize warehouse requirements by keeping low inventory levels of raw material and finished goods.

7.       Minimize financial risk by keeping investment in on-going production and purchase of raw materials minimal.