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Inbound IDoc Pre-processing Strategy

Requirement: Business wants an inbound IDoc to be validated before processing to ensure that if certain conditions are not met, even though standard SAP approves, the IDoc should not be processed. The IDoc should be moved to a status which... Continue Reading →

Custom IDoc – The How Part

Bush & Sons (Customer) wants to send an ORDERS05 Idoc to Reagan Inc. Problem is that they want to send some additional data to be saved in a custom table which is not present in the aforementioned Idoc. Reagan Inc.... Continue Reading →

Change Pointers – Concept

ALE is used to modify Master data. It becomes important to assess the log entries periodically to understand how frequently the data is changing and whether any system related scale up is needed or not. Change Pointers are those log... Continue Reading →

IDocs Structure

An Idoc consists of three types of records – Control Records – It contains data vital for an Idoc processing in a sender and recipient system like type and direction of Idoc, sender/receiver port and type of partner, Idoc status... Continue Reading →

IDocs – Basics

Term IDoc stand for Intermediate Document and it is an SAP format widely used by non-SAP systems to connect with an SAP system. There is a Portuguese soccer player and a Roman coach who don’t understand each other’s language. They... Continue Reading →

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