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Analytical Review Of A Global SAP System Strategy | Part 2

Observations Based on the survey and interpretation of data, the following are the top ten aspects of global SAP System strategy – Alignment of Future Roadmap of the Organization with Global Governance Design and StrategyIntegration of Different Regions (language, currency,... Continue Reading →

Analytical Review Of A Global SAP System Strategy | Part 1

Introduction Organizations operating in different geographies divide the organization structure into smaller entities. Before the advent of cloud computing in the commercial sphere, each entity relied on on-premise ERP or legacy solutions.   SAP’s capability has grown manifold across verticals... Continue Reading →

Paradigm Shift For ABAP With HANA In Scope

To state it clearly, SAP HANA is a relational database management system that has proved to be a path breaking development for SAP as a business. Like any DBMS it is adept in handling standard database operations, however, its greatest... Continue Reading →

Lean Methodology In SAP 

With the tremendous success of some start-ups in Silicon Valley being attributed to Lean Methodology (read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries), more and more companies are demanding similar adventure in SAP projects. As companies are struggling to bring in... Continue Reading →

Agile For SAP

By large SAP developments are traditional whether it is a project or enhancement. They follow step by step flow for development in waterfall model or a variant of it. While the approach is simplistic and is deemed sacrosanct, more and... Continue Reading →

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