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Internal Procurement Vs. External Procurement

Basic Difference: Company Monsters And Monsters want to buy Peanut Butter for their button-shaped candies. They can buy it either from an external vendor Charlie And Peanut Factory (CPF) or their own subsidiary PBS. When the procurement is done by... Continue Reading →

Procurement Process In Materials Management 

The Procurement Process in MM can be defined as a process to acquire goods in the right amount at the right price when it is expected. It needs to manage a fragile balance of the requirement, the costs and the... Continue Reading →

Purchase Order Release Strategy – Concept

The first thing to understand is that Purchase Order is a legal document. It can trigger a transaction immediately which means that some product or service is sold and bought. There is a procurement aspect and then, there an accounting... Continue Reading →

Overview Of Batch Management

Batch Management is an essential component of almost every industry from Retail to Aerospace and is incorporated in almost every phase of business from procurement to sales. What is a batch? A batch is set of products produced in a... Continue Reading →

Purchase Orders – SAP MM

Every company has vendors for supplies and services. Consider Samsung's television department. For the remote control devices, Samsung needs AAA batteries. Either Samsung manufactures them or ask a vendor to provide the batteries. Assume Samsung Purchasing department follows the latter... Continue Reading →

Purchase Information Record – SAP MM

Purchase Information Record or PIR stores the information for a material beyond material master. It is built upon the information available for a material and the specific vendor who supplies it. Hence, it corresponds to a vendor and can be... Continue Reading →

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