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RESTful ABAP Programming Model – Key Concept | SAP Cloud

In order to view or modify data on a server, REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Architecture requires a client to dispatch requests to the server with HTTP Verb (type of request - GET, POST, PUT and DELETE), header and resource navigation... Continue Reading →

Low Code – No Code Strategy – Advantages | SAP Cloud

Some of the main advantages of adoption of Low Code - No Code Strategy can be highlighted as below: Rapid Development: Since a large proportion of the functionalities are inbuilt and only basic coding is needed, in Low Code -... Continue Reading →

Low Code – No Code Strategy – An Introduction | SAP Cloud

Definitions: Low Code Development refers to application development leveraging tools/solutions (like drag drop, rules based frameworks) to eliminate the need for most of the coding requirements. However, some coding still might be needed for specific purposes where the functionality needs... Continue Reading →

Benefits And Examples Of Workflows | SAP Workflow

Following are some of the benefits of employing workflows - 1. Automation of business processes2. Manage dependencies between activities and ensure timely closure3. Improve transparency in the system in regards to the activities to be performed4. Easy substitution of task owners... Continue Reading →

In-App Vs Side-by-side | Extending SAP

In-App Extensions are implemented in the SAP S/4 HANA core and there is no remote connection needed to access the extension from the extended app. In Side-by-side extensions, SAP Cloud Platform acts as a PaaS where extension apps might be... Continue Reading →

In App Extensibility | SAP Cloud

SAP Cloud is designed to be consumed by industry but every client has specific needs for which customization is needed. However, SAP Cloud avoids customization to a great extent by employing extensibility in the Cloud core. These changes/modifications needs minimal... Continue Reading →

Introduction SAP S/4Hana Cloud | SAP Cloud

SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the natural progression of a successful product on premise. With highly connected world with tremendous system performance, this change was inevitable. What makes it even more impressive is the rate of this progression.  With competition and... Continue Reading →

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