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Enhancement Framework – Concepts

Concept - The new enhancement framework allows modification of a standard class to achieve the expected business functionality which goes beyond the older framework. It is a marriage of the modifications strategy and the classic enhancement strategy extended to new... Continue Reading →

Polymorphism As Concept

Polymorphism literally means multiple forms. In world of SAP, it stands for implementation of different methods of different subclasses inherited from a same parent behaving differently. It facilitated same functionality on different objects resulting in different results. Let’s get back... Continue Reading →

Abstract And Final – Inheritance

Abstract Class – One-line definition of the abstract class is that it is a class which cannot be instantiated. What does that mean? Remember the example of Vehicle. The superclass Vehicle and subclasses two wheelers, light four wheelers and heavy... Continue Reading →

Method Definition – Inheritance

A subclass can either use a method of its own or can redefine a method that is being originally defined in super class or can use a method of the superclass without redefining it. First one is a typical use... Continue Reading →

Inheritance As Concept

As the name suggests, Inheritance means inheriting properties of a parent class by a child. The child class inherits – attributes and methods – of its parent class while reserving the ability to enhance itself with additional attributes and methods.... Continue Reading →

Class And Methods For Modularization

Subroutines are obsolete. It might come to you as a surprise but it’s true. Every old school programmer loves them and understandably so. But their days are numbered and rightly so. The world writes in Object Oriented Programming and the... Continue Reading →


Constructor is probably one of the most intricate concept in OOP which befuddles the novices. Confession; I had a difficult time understanding it. Constructor is a special type of method used to define properties of an object. For example, Jack... Continue Reading →

Class, Objects And Methods

Class basically define how an object would look like and what it can do – structure and functionality. Let’s talk about a product – Toys. We have a class called ‘Toys’ and it intends to define any toy created by... Continue Reading →

Object Oriented Concepts

Everything is an object and is an object of some generic type which is nothing but the class. Their behavior is defined by different methods. These are three key words in understanding Object Oriented Programming. For example – Car is... Continue Reading →

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