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Scales Of Measurement | Management XOX

Scales of measurement project how the variables are defined and characterized. Any measurement can be evaluated on the basis of type, magnitude, intervals and true zero. These parameters are fundamental to any data analysis.  Identification of these parameters led to... Continue Reading →

Analytical Review Of A Global SAP System Strategy | Part 2

Observations Based on the survey and interpretation of data, the following are the top ten aspects of global SAP System strategy – Alignment of Future Roadmap of the Organization with Global Governance Design and StrategyIntegration of Different Regions (language, currency,... Continue Reading →

Analytical Review Of A Global SAP System Strategy | Part 1

Introduction Organizations operating in different geographies divide the organization structure into smaller entities. Before the advent of cloud computing in the commercial sphere, each entity relied on on-premise ERP or legacy solutions.   SAP’s capability has grown manifold across verticals... Continue Reading →

ISO 9001 – Introduction | Management XOX

ISO 9001 is a quality management system criteria which is based on a number of quality management principles with prime focus on delivering quality product to customers and empower businesses. ISO doesn’t certify any organization. The certification is conducted by... Continue Reading →

Introduction To Lean Manufacturing | Management XOX

Popularized by Toyota Way developed in 1930s, Lean Manufacturing is a manufacturing/production method which focusses on reducing times within the production system while ensuring reduced response times from third party service providers – both upstream and downstream. It leads to... Continue Reading →

A Little About NFTs – Fabin’s Take

Fabin Rasheed can be introduced with just one word - innovator. His creations in the area of AI and Design speak volumes about his potential as a thought leader in the domain. When approached to cast some light on NFTs,... Continue Reading →

Implied Warranties| Management XOX

Implied warranty is a term in contract law that provides certain assurances to the buyer under presumption that they don’t need to be specifically spelled out in writing or communicated orally. Although in different countries the implied warranty is protected... Continue Reading →

PESTLE Analysis | Management XOX

PESTLE Analysis evolves around six factor which can influence the environment in which a company operates in. It is an important part of any company’s strategy as it influences the way the business is operated, how the changes are incorporated,... Continue Reading →

Enhancement Framework – Concepts

Concept - The new enhancement framework allows modification of a standard class to achieve the expected business functionality which goes beyond the older framework. It is a marriage of the modifications strategy and the classic enhancement strategy extended to new... Continue Reading →

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