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Agile In SAP – Advantage | SAP Project Management

SAP projects traditionally follow the waterfall model or a modified model based on the waterfall model in its development life cycle. However, since the advent to agile, SAP development projects have seen a paradigm shift, especially for post-implementation releases. However,... Continue Reading →

RESTful ABAP Programming Model – Key Concept | SAP Cloud

In order to view or modify data on a server, REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Architecture requires a client to dispatch requests to the server with HTTP Verb (type of request - GET, POST, PUT and DELETE), header and resource navigation... Continue Reading →

Low Code – No Code Strategy – Advantages | SAP Cloud

Some of the main advantages of adoption of Low Code - No Code Strategy can be highlighted as below: Rapid Development: Since a large proportion of the functionalities are inbuilt and only basic coding is needed, in Low Code -... Continue Reading →

Low Code – No Code Strategy – An Introduction | SAP Cloud

Definitions: Low Code Development refers to application development leveraging tools/solutions (like drag drop, rules based frameworks) to eliminate the need for most of the coding requirements. However, some coding still might be needed for specific purposes where the functionality needs... Continue Reading →

Product Development And Lean Start-Up Approach | Management XOX

The Lean Start-Up uses a build-measure-learn feedback loop. As soon as the organization understands the customer need and market suitability, a minimum viable product is developed. Product, at this stage, itself doesn't necessarily solve all the customer needs. However it... Continue Reading →

Scales Of Measurement | Management XOX

Scales of measurement project how the variables are defined and characterized. Any measurement can be evaluated on the basis of type, magnitude, intervals and true zero. These parameters are fundamental to any data analysis.  Identification of these parameters led to... Continue Reading →

Analytical Review Of A Global SAP System Strategy | Part 2

Observations Based on the survey and interpretation of data, the following are the top ten aspects of global SAP System strategy – Alignment of Future Roadmap of the Organization with Global Governance Design and StrategyIntegration of Different Regions (language, currency,... Continue Reading →

Analytical Review Of A Global SAP System Strategy | Part 1

Introduction Organizations operating in different geographies divide the organization structure into smaller entities. Before the advent of cloud computing in the commercial sphere, each entity relied on on-premise ERP or legacy solutions.   SAP’s capability has grown manifold across verticals... Continue Reading →

ISO 9001 – Introduction | Management XOX

ISO 9001 is a quality management system criteria which is based on a number of quality management principles with prime focus on delivering quality product to customers and empower businesses. ISO doesn’t certify any organization. The certification is conducted by... Continue Reading →

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