Select Option Mandatory Issue With Multiple Single Values

One of the problems with Select Option in Selection screen is that user cannot make it mandatory and populate multiple records in a popup without passing at least one value on the screen. This is usually a little annoying for... Continue Reading →

Searching RFC Used In OData Service Implementation

Problem: A generic RFC is used in multiple OData projects and at some point, some enhancement is needed on that object. The biggest issue is that 'where used' is not helpful because it doesn't tell what all projects the RFC... Continue Reading →

Data Mart: Concept And What HANA Brings In

Consider Nike Inc. Let's say Nike have 10000 Retail stores which produce a significant transactional data. If somebody high up in brass wants to see the sales details, that person will not look into the sales or invoice tables. Datamart... Continue Reading →

Purchase Order Release Strategy – Concept

The first thing to understand is that Purchase Order is a legal document. It can trigger a transaction immediately which means that some product or service is sold and bought. There is a procurement aspect and then, there an accounting... Continue Reading →

Subtract Time To Determine New Time

Requirement: At any given hour of the night, Idoc are coming in ECC and a batch job is supposed to process them. However, it should process only Idocs which came in an hour before the execution of the job. Question... Continue Reading →

Issues With Local Class Usage

Local classes are defined within a program, It is available in the context of the program and is used when found by system. However, it brings forth a problem - the functionality created within the scope of a program cannot... Continue Reading →

Inbound IDoc Pre-processing Strategy

Requirement: Business wants an inbound IDoc to be validated before processing to ensure that if certain conditions are not met, even though standard SAP approves, the IDoc should not be processed. The IDoc should be moved to a status which... Continue Reading →

Post Goods Issue – Concept – SAP SD

Company Mentalist Inc. has to supply three thousand crystal balls to Roy. Staff at Mentalist Inc. bring the crystals to the staging where there are packed. The truck arrives to pick the package. It is loaded on the truck and... Continue Reading →

Creating A New Address

Requirement: For a given address, Business wants if an address is not present, a new address should be created in the system. Example, Business wants a PO to be created via an inbound idoc but address coming in via idoc... Continue Reading →

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