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Sujoy is a writer, stories for soul and code for body, and like to quote books, movies and tv shows. For more details, see about >>

Cubicle Entrepreneur

Excerpt from the book As the legend goes, five employees at IBM were working on an enterprise solution based on software owned by Xerox. The leadership liked the idea, but they failed to estimate the length and breadth of the... Continue Reading →

SAP Intelligent RPA – What It Brings On Table

Eliminate Repetitive Activities: There are a number of processes that are repetitive in nature and need manual intervention. Example: Creating a sales order. These mundane tasks are usually susceptible to mistakes. If these activities are multi-step, the probability of a... Continue Reading →

SAP Intelligent RPA – Introduction

Robotic Process Automation: Wiki says - "Robotic process automation (or RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots (bots) or artificial intelligence (AI) workers." RPA has been in motion since mankind started evolving tools.... Continue Reading →

Design Thinking And Testing – Part 02

A crucial component of implementing Design Thinking in the project is to extract information from testers - functional consultants, end-users or business users - when they are sharing feedback. The difference between the two iterations of the prototype depends on... Continue Reading →

Design Thinking And Testing – Part 01

One of the founding principles of both Design Thinking and Agile Methodology is that the development team should be able to test their prototype as soon as possible in order to assess - 1. How close is the prototype to... Continue Reading →

Designing Rethinking

Excerpt from the book “Design Thinking” is one area of product development strategy which is often misunderstood by the developers. To understand Design Thinking, one needs to understand the concept of a Wicked Problem. What is a wicked problem? Consider... Continue Reading →

Risk Aversion And Entrepreneurship – 2

When Groupon started, they didn't start big. They tested their thoughts and slowly calibrated based on the response they received from their focus group before expanding their business idea originally named The Point. As a matter of fact, the USP... Continue Reading →

Risk Aversion And Entrepreneurship – 1

There are two investment proposals - Alpha and Beta. Alpha projects 70% probability of 30% returns and Beta projects 95% probability of 15% returns on top of the original investment. Conventional wisdom would assess and support Beta as a safer... Continue Reading →

Understanding Referential Join Concept

Before dwelling into Referential Join, understanding the foundation i.e., Referential Integrity is very important. The existence of the relationship between two tables based on the presence of the primary key of the parent table is necessary to have the referential... Continue Reading →

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