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A Little About NFTs – Fabin’s Take

Fabin Rasheed can be introduced with just one word - innovator. His creations in the area of AI and Design speak volumes about his potential as a thought leader in the domain. When approached to cast some light on NFTs,... Continue Reading →

Fabin & Sleeba And Wonderful Auria

Fabin Rasheed & Sleeba Paul recently brought alive Auria Kathi which is an amalgamation of art and science of a unique kind. It was something that intrigues everyone on either side of the coin. Fabin and Sleeba were generous in... Continue Reading →

Michael & Stefano On Balsamiq Wireframes

A while back, I tried a product for a POC to give the client an idea how the end product would look like. The tool was Balsamiq Wireframes, and I was bowled over by the ease of use and versatility... Continue Reading →

Carsten Ziegler On BRF+ And Much More

In one of my previous projects, I was responsible for implementing BRF+ for a proof of concept. It was something new to learn, and I was excited about it. But the timelines were not very favorable. To scale up quickly,... Continue Reading →

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