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Solving Problems with Design Thinking By Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King And Kevin Bennett

I took classes by Jeanne Liedtka on Coursera. She is an exceptional teacher with a phenomenal background. Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works was precisely the book I wanted to read after completing the course. It... Continue Reading →

Rafa By Rafael Nadal And John Carlin | Lateral Reads

What can an autobiography of a tennis player teach someone about a desk job? Plenty. Rafa - the autobiography of Rafael Nadal starts with one of the greatest matches between him and his arch-rival Federer. In arguably one of the... Continue Reading →

The Lean Startup By Eric Ries 

The Lean Startup is one of the most widely read books on Lean Methodologies in the IT Sector. One of the reason is the ease with which author Eric Ries explains his idea of lean startup strategy without the baggage... Continue Reading →

Complete ABAP: The Comprehensive Guide to ABAP 7.5 By Kiran Bandari

Full Disclosure: I have gone through this book in brief and will discuss the highlights of the book only. The word 'comprehensive' is scary in the context of ABAP because the monstrous size of SAP world means that the volume... Continue Reading →

ABAP Development for Sales and Distribution in SAP By Michael Koch

I hate this book because it is a book I thought of writing at some point in my life. Not only the subject, also the tone and texture. Michael Koch simply killed a dream. It is not a book for... Continue Reading →

BRFplus – Business Rule Management For ABAP Applications By Carsten Ziegler And Thomas Albrecht

Anyone who has worked on BRFplus and scanned SDN for answers must have heard about Carsten Ziegler. A savant on this technology, he is the co-author of this almost definitive work on the technology. With their vast experience in SAP,... Continue Reading →

Implementing SAP ERP Sales & Distribution By Glynn C. Williams

Author Glynn C. Williams has a great reputation in the world of SAP Sales and Distribution. He has vast experience in the SAP SD domain with a perspective that is helpful for both technical and functional resources. Many people treat... Continue Reading →

ABAP 7.4 Certification Guide By Puneet Asthana And David Haslam

An SAP recommended book for SAP Certification – this should be more than enough to convince people to buy a book. On the flip side, it created a hype and sets the bar really high. Written by Puneet Asthana and... Continue Reading →

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