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Post Goods Issue – Concept – SAP SD

Company Mentalist Inc. has to supply three thousand crystal balls to Roy. Staff at Mentalist Inc. bring the crystals to the staging where there are packed. The truck arrives to pick the package. It is loaded on the truck and... Continue Reading →

Credit Note / Memo Vs. Credit For Returns

Both Credit Memo and Credit for Returns are technically same thing and the system doesn’t distinguish while processing these documents. It basically means that Customer has been charged over and these memos can be aligned with open invoices and cleared... Continue Reading →

BOM Concept In SAP

Consider an assembled computer named Xanadu being sold by Charles Kane Ltd. Xanadu comprises of three parts – Alpha monitor, Beta CPU and Gamma keyboard. Xanadu is sold as one single unit however individually Alpha and Gamma are also sold.... Continue Reading →

Consignment Process – The Concept – SAP SD

Consignment is a widely used Order to Cash process which is conceptually different from generic sales process. Not only from sales, it is different even from logistics and finance perspective. Since it is widely used by businesses, it is a... Continue Reading →

Customer Material info Records ( CMIR ) – SAP SD

Let’s think of a scenario where Hector Sales is a customer to Paris Inc. Paris sells five different scents named Helen 01-05 with material numbers 1001001-5. However, Hector Sales prefer PARIS_HELEN_01-05. When Hector Sales calls the sales officer at Paris... Continue Reading →

General Sales Order Process Flow

Sales flow in SAP captures processing from a request from a customer to the sending the invoice to the customer who pays for it. Depending on particular business process, SAP allows manipulation in the process but at a high level,... Continue Reading →

Intercompany Process in SD

More often than less, larger organization have multiple subsidiaries which interact with each other. These subsidiaries are financially (whenever) separate which makes these transactions a little different from internal. Due to financial separation these subsidiaries have different company codes. These... Continue Reading →

Rush Orders Vs Cash Sales– Concept

Rush Orders is a business scenario where the customer places the order and it is either picked up by the customer or business delivers the goods the same day. The moment sales order is saved, the delivery is generated and... Continue Reading →

Back Order Processing – Concept

An order is considered as a back order when all or part of an order quantity is not available for processing. While reasons can be many, one of the most common reason for such unavailability is an after fact commitment... Continue Reading →

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