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Visualization: Ideas, Not Next Monet

Excerpt from the book Visualization is an effective way to communicate as visuals are intrinsic to how our brains function. Whether the subject is framing the problem statement or brainstorming solutions for the problem, visualization can help unlock ideas and... Continue Reading →

Agile Methodology In Nature

Excerpt from the book The best example of Agile Methodology in action is nature itself. The human evolution has not been agile, but the process has been iterative and adaptive showing progress every few thousand years. In the context of... Continue Reading →

Cubicle Entrepreneur

Excerpt from the book As the legend goes, five employees at IBM were working on an enterprise solution based on software owned by Xerox. The leadership liked the idea, but they failed to estimate the length and breadth of the... Continue Reading →

Designing Rethinking

Excerpt from the book “Design Thinking” is one area of product development strategy which is often misunderstood by the developers. To understand Design Thinking, one needs to understand the concept of a Wicked Problem. What is a wicked problem? Consider... Continue Reading →

Agile For ABAP Developers

Excerpt from the book The only possible reason why a person is not a Bill Murray fan is that the person has not seen any Bill Murray movie. He is a savant when it comes to landing comic moments. One... Continue Reading →

Leap Of Faith

Keeping this amazing piece of wisdom in mind, recently, I have taken a leap of faith and joined Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited as a Senior Consultant. Walking out of Infosys was difficult and the half an hour cab ride... Continue Reading →

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