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SAP Basics

Chargeback Process | SAP Basics

Chargeback is amount claimed by Distributor from Manufacturer/Vendor for the accounting difference in the agreed upon price (with customer) and acquisition price (by distributor).  Consider the example - Delta sells earpods for INR 2000. This is their marketplace price. Customer... Continue Reading →

Account Receivable And Payable | SAP Basics

Account Receivable - Any transaction with a customer means that the organization expects some money is coming into the account. Account Receivable in SAP accounts for all accounting data pertaining to a customer. All postings in AR are captured in... Continue Reading →

Business Area And Functional Area | SAP Basics

Business Area - Defines lines of businesses which can be clubbed together. It helps in differentiating between transactions belonging to different lines of businesses. Example - Marketing can be identified as a business area. It can help a company understand... Continue Reading →

General Ledger | SAP Basics

General Ledger or GL, in pure financial terms, is a record-keeping system that takes into account every financial transaction that takes place in a company while it is operational. GL is usually maintained by employing a double-entry method where each... Continue Reading →

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