SAP Teams develop the solution in Development Systems. After adequate testing, the code and configuration changes would eventually move to a higher system where extensive testing will be conducted before transferring them to production. Cutover Activity encompasses all tasks and activities, enabling a smooth transition from one landscape to another, ensuring that existing business is not impacted.

Following are the major points covered –

  1. Identification of key stakeholders and their respective role
  2. Technical and Functional Objects – the transport sequence and manual activities are the most significant items
  3. Strategy for data migration and corresponding verification
  4. Enabling the business with all relevant information pertaining to changes
  5. Strategy to Shutdown and Re-Start the systems, associated non-SAP systems, and business processes

The complexity of this activity depends on the type of transition. The transition from Development to the Quality system, when carried through Cutover Activity, is usually a less complicated one with not much on stake. However, any transition involving the Production system is highly sensitive, and complexity scales manifold.