SAP Query is a tool to create reports without any coding in a very short time. Though it is used mostly by functional resources, it can be handy for ABAPers as well. It facilitates a wide range of reports. In many projects, it is created to allow end users extract information when end user need a report to view information but cannot wait for the development team to create it. Even with the limitations, it is very helpful in the production environment when things are going downhill.

SAP Query can be created using TCode SQ1 and infoset should be in the relevant user group. Infoset is a special kind of view of the data and defines what fields can be reported on a query which is mapped. This selection happens on the initial screen only.

The tool has five screens –

  1. Title And Format to define the title and format of the report
  2. Select Field Group to select field groups which contain the fields to be contained
  3. Select Field to add individual fields needed
  4. Selection to add any additional field for customization purposes
  5. Basic List Line Structure is used to define how the report would look like

Types of lists –

  1. Basic List
  2. Statistic
  3. Ranked List

A query can have – one basic list, nine statistics, and nine ranked lists.