SAP Leonardo is the next big step taken by the organization to align themselves with the biggest change the world of innovation is seeing, i.e., Internet of Things. From Logistics to Supply, the entire world can be seen through the prism of technology. Thanks to GPS, chips, RFID and other technologies, the tracking of products and machines is way simpler than what it was a few years back. This tracking means that a large number of devices can be connected, and can send and receive some kind of data even if not continuously. This interconnection is Internet of Things – internetwork of physical devices.

SAP Leonardo intends to provide a solution to exploit the data generated by the connected devices and use the knowledge to help customers improve their business processes to optimize efficiency and maximize business. It involves collecting and storing data, process and visualize the information, and apply the knowledge to maximum gains.

SAP Leonardo intends to provide a common platform for products, assets, fleet, floor, infrastructure, businesses, stakeholders and people who are connected and can exchange data. The data will be accumulated and processed by IoT applications. The data conversion and analytics will supplement the processed data. This information will be handled by cloud based SAP applications based on customer requirement.

Integration of processes and information help increase accuracy and reliability of the systems with the more known actor than unknown. Issues and gaps can be uncovered more easily and fixed quickly that let the machine run smoothly.

SAP is using its SAP Cloud Platform as the framework for SAP Leonardo which means that many existing and in development services will be adding to the consumer experience. This opens up the market for SAP and SAP Partners. Will industry invest? This is a simple question to answer. Big players are extremely invested in this idea because smallest of margins compound and over rather short time pays off hundred folds.