Steve wants some modifications to a standard SAP report but he is not the only person who uses it. The same report is used and enhanced by numerous stakeholders and they don’t want to change it. Bill, the developer, advises him that a new custom program can be created which will be a ‘copy’ of the standard report. It can be further modified. The only caveat is that any enhancement in the standard report done after that point will have to be manually retrofitted in the custom report. Steve agrees.

How does Bill accomplish that?

  • Use TCode SE38 and copy the standard program using the copy button. Copied program should start with Z.
  • A pop up will show up asking for objects of the standard program you might want to include.
  • If there are enhancements, manually modify the enhancements as per requirement.

This can be achieved using SE80 as well. After ATC check, the custom program will ready for use.