When an existing SAP Standard functionality needs to be enhanced with custom business functionality, BAdIs come to rescue. Needless to say, BAdIs employs Object Oriented technique. SE18 is used to create a BAdI definition, while SE19 is used to implement the same. The tricky part is how to search for a BAdI.

Following is the most trusted approach.

  1. In SE24 – find class CL_EXITHANDLER and display the same
  2. Open GET_INSTANCE method
  3. At class method, CL_EXITHANDLER=>GET_CLASS_NAME_BY_INTERFACE, place a debugger point
  4. Execute the desired transaction. At the method call, look out for EXIT_NAME storing BAdI name

Alternatively, SE84 can be used as well by providing a package for the desired transaction. This approach reveals a third possible approach. Using transaction SE18 and package, the method can be found as well.