Database Utility – Concepts

Database utility is a handy tool to edit any database object created by data dictionary objects. It acts as an interface between ABAP Dictionary and underlying RDBMS. Amongst its utilities, following are notable – Change a database object based on... Continue Reading →

Paradigm Shift For ABAP With HANA In Scope

To state it clearly, SAP HANA is a relational database management system that has proved to be a path breaking development for SAP as a business. Like any DBMS it is adept in handling standard database operations, however, its greatest... Continue Reading →

Lean Methodology In SAP 

With the tremendous success of some start-ups in Silicon Valley being attributed to Lean Methodology (read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries), more and more companies are demanding similar adventure in SAP projects. As companies are struggling to bring in... Continue Reading →

LSMW – Basics

LSMW is the acronym of Legacy Systems Migration Workbench. It is a handy tool to transfer data from non-SAP system to SAP system. It can be used as a one-time solution for a complex and heavy load or as an... Continue Reading →

Agile For SAP

By large SAP developments are traditional whether it is a project or enhancement. They follow step by step flow for development in waterfall model or a variant of it. While the approach is simplistic and is deemed sacrosanct, more and... Continue Reading →

BDC Programming

BDC stands for Batch Data communication. The core of the BDC lies in Batch Input which facilitates either data transfer from non-SAP system to SAP system or from one SAP system to another by means of screens. This is very... Continue Reading →

Overview Of Batch Management

Batch Management is an essential component of almost every industry from Retail to Aerospace and is incorporated in almost every phase of business from procurement to sales. What is a batch? A batch is set of products produced in a... Continue Reading →

Concept Of Parallel Processing In ABAP

In normal processing, a modular process is usually called in a separate function module. When this FM is called, the processing in the current program goes on hold and FM is processed. When the processing in FM is completed, the control... Continue Reading →

Concept And Usage Of Field Symbols

Everybody hates field symbols and that is generally the story until they use it. Field symbols are not only better in terms of performance, they are life saviors in certain situations – like when being used to read global variables... Continue Reading →

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