Modify Domain Information On F4 Of Selection Screen

Problem: Bruce is a functional consultant who wants that a selection screen should allow only values coming from Domain in the Status Field except for value S which is not applicable. He places the request with Harvey who is the... Continue Reading →

Events In Module Pool Programming 

Unlike Reports, Module Pool Programming use ingenious use of programming to display the output in the form a collection of screens, flow, and events. It is written in ABAP and needs logical thinking of processes before etching down the code.... Continue Reading →

Understanding Foreign Key Relationship In ABAP

Foreign Key by definition is a key relationship between two distinct tables. It establishes a relationship between a combination of fields in one table with primary key fields of another table acting as check table. Consider Table T1 and T2.... Continue Reading →

Scrum In SAP Implementation – Part 02

Last post's trailing comment was - can we use Scrum to make Implementation quicker/better? In this post, I will focus on the 'better' part and leave 'quicker' part to the client. This is purely based on personal experience and discussions... Continue Reading →

Scrum In SAP Implementation – Part 01

In SAP Implementation, many managers resist Agile/Scrum because, from their point of view, it is largely a waterfall model that is the way to go. In the hype of Scrum/Agile, Client is usually unaware (or worse, not concerned) about the... Continue Reading →

Internal Procurement Vs. External Procurement

Basic Difference: Company Monsters And Monsters want to buy Peanut Butter for their button-shaped candies. They can buy it either from an external vendor Charlie And Peanut Factory (CPF) or their own subsidiary PBS. When the procurement is done by... Continue Reading →

Procurement Process In Materials Management 

The Procurement Process in MM can be defined as a process to acquire goods in the right amount at the right price when it is expected. It needs to manage a fragile balance of the requirement, the costs and the... Continue Reading →

Accelerated SAP – High Level Idea

ASAP methodology aids in designing an efficient SAP implementation optimizing the available resources - time, money and human resources - using proven design principles. ASAP in principle closely align with Waterfall Model. ASAP or Accelerated SAP comprises of five phases... Continue Reading →

Organizational Structure In Sales And Distribution

From a business point of view, Sales and Distribution is a part of the Logistics in the SAP Enterprise Structure. The organization structure of SD involves five parts - Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Office and Sales Group. The... Continue Reading →

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