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What Time Is It? Timezone Challenge

Challenge - In projects where multiple timezones are involved in assessing Date/Timestamp, one of the challenge is posed when a local timezone information is requested on an invoice form or any document like that. Solution: SAP provides two standard FMs.... Continue Reading →

Scanning for BAdIs

When an existing SAP Standard functionality needs to be enhanced with custom business functionality, BAdIs come to rescue. Needless to say, BAdIs employs Object Oriented technique. SE18 is used to create a BAdI definition, while SE19 is used to implement... Continue Reading →

Introduction To SAP C/4HANA

SAP C/4HANA is driven by multiple factors with one entity at its core - Customers. The central idea behind C/4HANA is to provide a comfortable, secure, and holistic experience to the Customer. As per SAP - five trends driving change... Continue Reading →

Cutover Activity In SAP

SAP Teams develop the solution in Development Systems. After adequate testing, the code and configuration changes would eventually move to a higher system where extensive testing will be conducted before transferring them to production. Cutover Activity encompasses all tasks and... Continue Reading →

Visualization: Ideas, Not Next Monet

Excerpt from the book Visualization is an effective way to communicate as visuals are intrinsic to how our brains function. Whether the subject is framing the problem statement or brainstorming solutions for the problem, visualization can help unlock ideas and... Continue Reading →

Agile Methodology In Nature

Excerpt from the book The best example of Agile Methodology in action is nature itself. The human evolution has not been agile, but the process has been iterative and adaptive showing progress every few thousand years. In the context of... Continue Reading →

Cubicle Entrepreneur

Excerpt from the book As the legend goes, five employees at IBM were working on an enterprise solution based on software owned by Xerox. The leadership liked the idea, but they failed to estimate the length and breadth of the... Continue Reading →

SAP Intelligent RPA – What It Brings On Table

Eliminate Repetitive Activities: There are a number of processes that are repetitive in nature and need manual intervention. Example: Creating a sales order. These mundane tasks are usually susceptible to mistakes. If these activities are multi-step, the probability of a... Continue Reading →

SAP Intelligent RPA – Introduction

Robotic Process Automation: Wiki says - "Robotic process automation (or RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots (bots) or artificial intelligence (AI) workers." RPA has been in motion since mankind started evolving tools.... Continue Reading →

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