Procurement Process In Materials Management 

The Procurement Process in MM can be defined as a process to acquire goods in the right amount at the right price when it is expected. It needs to manage a fragile balance of the requirement, the costs and the... Continue Reading →

Accelerated SAP – High Level Idea

ASAP methodology aids in designing an efficient SAP implementation optimizing the available resources - time, money and human resources - using proven design principles. ASAP in principle closely align with Waterfall Model. ASAP or Accelerated SAP comprises of five phases... Continue Reading →

Organizational Structure In Sales And Distribution

From a business point of view, Sales and Distribution is a part of the Logistics in the SAP Enterprise Structure. The organization structure of SD involves five parts - Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Division, Sales Office and Sales Group. The... Continue Reading →

Waterfall Vs. Agile – In SAP World

In Waterfall Model, the flow of processes is seamless with one following another until the end. Beginning with planning, followed by design, development, testing and culminating in deployment. Any changes down the line are taken care of in the maintenance... Continue Reading →

abapGit – Simplifying Coding In New World

Git is an open source version control system that can accommodate source code management in a project - small or large. abapGit is a Git Client written for ABAP which has arrived as must know on the skill set of... Continue Reading →

Update Techniques – SAP ABAP

In SAP ABAP, bundling database updates in a separate update function module are widely advocated for ease of implementation and improved performance. There are three different update techniques which are followed - Asynchronous Update - Asynchronous process start immediately after... Continue Reading →

Zip Text Files Into Folder

Requirement: Multiple text files are created in a folder accessible to SAP and the files need to be periodically archived as a zipped folder. Solution: The problem can be divided into three steps - get the files, zip into a... Continue Reading →

ABAP Development for Sales and Distribution in SAP By Michael Koch

I hate this book because it is a book I thought of writing at some point in my life. Not only the subject, also the tone and texture. Michael Koch simply killed a dream. It is not a book for... Continue Reading →

Send ALV Output As PDF Attachment 

Requirement: South Park And Sons want to send the ALV output to all vendors as an email attachment when running in the background. How to accomplish that? Solution: Use REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_DISPLAY to display the block list along with print parameters -... Continue Reading →

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