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IoT In Healthcare Sector

In developing country like India, IoT can play a very important role in years to come especially in a post-COVID world which has catapulted the world into another dimension altogether. Following are some of the advantages of using IoT in... Continue Reading →

Trompenaar’s Seven Dimensions of Culture Differences | Management XOX

Cultural differences are reality of globalization. People from different cultures working in close contact far more than ever at any point in the history of mankind. So it has become a matter of great importance that people understand the cultural... Continue Reading →

GDP Vs GNP | Management XOX

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Gross domestic product or GDP is the sum of market values of all the goods and services produced in a specific time period. This aggregate measure of production is usually defined for a state or country... Continue Reading →

Id, Ego And Superego | Management XOX

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychodynamic approach to psychology which looks at the unconscious drives instead of conscious ones to explain human behavior. According to him there are three aspects of mind that influence a person's personality - id, ego... Continue Reading →

Account Receivable And Payable | SAP Basics

Account Receivable - Any transaction with a customer means that the organization expects some money is coming into the account. Account Receivable in SAP accounts for all accounting data pertaining to a customer. All postings in AR are captured in... Continue Reading →

Solving Problems with Design Thinking By Jeanne Liedtka, Andrew King And Kevin Bennett

I took classes by Jeanne Liedtka on Coursera. She is an exceptional teacher with a phenomenal background. Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works was precisely the book I wanted to read after completing the course. It... Continue Reading →

Rafa By Rafael Nadal And John Carlin | Lateral Reads

What can an autobiography of a tennis player teach someone about a desk job? Plenty. Rafa - the autobiography of Rafael Nadal starts with one of the greatest matches between him and his arch-rival Federer. In arguably one of the... Continue Reading →

Business Area And Functional Area | SAP Basics

Business Area - Defines lines of businesses which can be clubbed together. It helps in differentiating between transactions belonging to different lines of businesses. Example - Marketing can be identified as a business area. It can help a company understand... Continue Reading →

General Ledger | SAP Basics

General Ledger or GL, in pure financial terms, is a record-keeping system that takes into account every financial transaction that takes place in a company while it is operational. GL is usually maintained by employing a double-entry method where each... Continue Reading →

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