Secondary Index – Basics

Consider a situation where queries need to target a set of fields in MARA which are not part of the primary index. Based on a set of key fields and pointers to non-key fields, primary index enables quick retrieval of... Continue Reading →

Credit Note / Memo Vs. Credit For Returns

Both Credit Memo and Credit for Returns are technically same thing and the system doesn’t distinguish while processing these documents. It basically means that Customer has been charged over and these memos can be aligned with open invoices and cleared... Continue Reading →

BOM Concept In SAP

Consider an assembled computer named Xanadu being sold by Charles Kane Ltd. Xanadu comprises of three parts – Alpha monitor, Beta CPU and Gamma keyboard. Xanadu is sold as one single unit however individually Alpha and Gamma are also sold.... Continue Reading →

Introduction To SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo is the next big step taken by the organization to align themselves with the biggest change the world of innovation is seeing, i.e., Internet of Things. From Logistics to Supply, the entire world can be seen through the... Continue Reading →

SAP Query – Concept

SAP Query is a tool to create reports without any coding in a very short time. Though it is used mostly by functional resources, it can be handy for ABAPers as well. It facilitates a wide range of reports. In... Continue Reading →

Copy Standard Report 

Steve wants some modifications to a standard SAP report but he is not the only person who uses it. The same report is used and enhanced by numerous stakeholders and they don’t want to change it. Bill, the developer, advises... Continue Reading →

BAPI – Business Application Programming Interface

BAPI is an RFC enabled FM that provides an interface for different processes and corresponding data. These are API for SAP BOs and are stored in BOR – Business Object Repository. It facilitates the connection between two different systems. BAPIs... Continue Reading →

Custom IDoc – The How Part

Bush & Sons (Customer) wants to send an ORDERS05 Idoc to Reagan Inc. Problem is that they want to send some additional data to be saved in a custom table which is not present in the aforementioned Idoc. Reagan Inc.... Continue Reading →

BRFplus – Business Rule Management For ABAP Applications By Carsten Ziegler And Thomas Albrecht

Anyone who has worked on BRFplus and scanned SDN for answers must have heard about Carsten Ziegler. A savant on this technology, he is the co-author of this almost definitive work on the technology. With their vast experience in SAP,... Continue Reading →

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