Full Disclosure: I have gone through this book in brief and will discuss the highlights of the book only.

The word ‘comprehensive’ is scary in the context of ABAP because the monstrous size of SAP world means that the volume of work behind writing any book claiming to be a comprehensive guide has to be monstrous. In a book little over a thousand words, Kiran Bhandari has attempted the same and based on reviews, apparently has done well.

In about a score of chapters, the writer has covered a myriad of topics which was expected for any quality technical book on ABAP in this day and time and details topics like Persistent Data, Dynamic Programming, Interfaces and Enhancements with command. From a brief reading of the material in the Enhancements chapter, the content appeared to a monotonic and difficult to place in the context of real-life examples. The section on IDocs could have been more expansive as well.

Nevertheless, the volume of work put into this book is significant and coverage of topics is commendable. The language seems to be a little more textbook-like and might be a deterrent for many. It is not a cookbook if somebody has that expectation. It is a textbook or primer on SAP ABAP. Frankly, I am still scared of the choice of word ‘Comprehensive’ but from the coverage perspective, this one is one of few which might be rightly called so.