I took classes by Jeanne Liedtka on Coursera. She is an exceptional teacher with a phenomenal background. Solving Problems with Design Thinking: Ten Stories of What Works was precisely the book I wanted to read after completing the course. It met the expectations, which were already pretty high after the eye-opening online class.

The book defines a baseline about the basics of Design Thinking and approach to problem-solving using Design Thinking. After the definition, the book deconstructs ten real-world examples where organizations’ design thinkers solved problems. These examples are as corporate as SAP and IBM, as bootstrapping as MeYou Health, and as social as The Good Kitchen and Dublin’s citizens.

The book works because of the diversity of subjects and details provided in the case studies. It can help managers think laterally how design thinking can be employed in their houses. However, many people might feel a little short-changed because the concepts of Design Thinking are not simplified beyond a point. This is because the book doesn’t intend to be a textbook. It is a supplement reading for people who are aware of Design Thinking.