I hate this book because it is a book I thought of writing at some point in my life. Not only the subject, also the tone and texture. Michael Koch simply killed a dream. It is not a book for ABAP or SD experts if they are looking for something that caters their technical/functional requirements. It is a middle of the bridge book. Every Project Manager involved in an SD implementation should have a copy. Every techno-functional resource should memorize this book, if possible.

The book goes beyond the usual process aspect of SD and coding aspect of ABAP. It creates a context how a problem should be approached and handled with well-drawn examples which are reflective of concrete experience the author has in the SD-ABAP area. It also guides how to find tricky exits and BADIs. In real time, this book can cut down hours of research. Sales Order Data, Pricing, Billing, Delivery, and VOFM are appropriately covered.

The approach is different from most of the books covering this topic. It creates an ecosystem, not unlike the ones resources involved in any SD implementation are aware of. It uses the ecosystem as the backdrop to explain the topics. The narrative style makes the subject simple and less intimidating. It helps the novices who are not comfortable with the heavy-handedness of other authors. It also helps Project Managers who can get the bigger picture without deep diving into the subject.