Excerpt from the book

The best example of Agile Methodology in action is nature itself. The human evolution has not been agile, but the process has been iterative and adaptive showing progress every few thousand years. In the context of this planet’s life of 4.5 billion years, any incremental growth spanning thousands or millions of years can be considered to be agile.

The growth of Earlier Apes to Humans had many many milestones, and the span of iteration over time has reduced significantly. Earlier Apes came into existence about 15 million years ago and evolved into Homo habilis about 2.5-2 million years ago. This progression took place with at least six distinct and significant advancements in human evolution. Similarly, Homo sapiens evolved from Homo habilis with numerous distinct ancestors in between. This evolution of each species is a reflection of changing times and adaptations to adjust to those changes.

Nature followed a process similar to Agile Methodology. From one species, another evolved overcoming existing handicaps accommodating the changes in the environment. The local ecosystem contributed to the diversity of species. Some species perished because they were not able to survive the changes. Some species didn’t evolve because their environment was not challenging enough, and they were able to manage with their limitations.


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