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Select Option Mandatory Issue With Multiple Single Values

One of the problems with Select Option in Selection screen is that user cannot make it mandatory and populate multiple records in a popup without passing at least one value on the screen. This is usually a little annoying for... Continue Reading →

Searching RFC Used In OData Service Implementation

Problem: A generic RFC is used in multiple OData projects and at some point, some enhancement is needed on that object. The biggest issue is that 'where used' is not helpful because it doesn't tell what all projects the RFC... Continue Reading →

Subtract Time To Determine New Time

Requirement: At any given hour of the night, Idoc are coming in ECC and a batch job is supposed to process them. However, it should process only Idocs which came in an hour before the execution of the job. Question... Continue Reading →

Inbound IDoc Pre-processing Strategy

Requirement: Business wants an inbound IDoc to be validated before processing to ensure that if certain conditions are not met, even though standard SAP approves, the IDoc should not be processed. The IDoc should be moved to a status which... Continue Reading →

Creating A New Address

Requirement: For a given address, Business wants if an address is not present, a new address should be created in the system. Example, Business wants a PO to be created via an inbound idoc but address coming in via idoc... Continue Reading →

Copy Standard Report 

Steve wants some modifications to a standard SAP report but he is not the only person who uses it. The same report is used and enhanced by numerous stakeholders and they don’t want to change it. Bill, the developer, advises... Continue Reading →

For All Entries

ABAPers love ‘FOR ALL ENTRIES’ because it is an easy frill-free way to fetch records from one table based on data in another but surprisingly lots of them use the keyword without enough caution. Sometimes it works because driver internal table... Continue Reading →

SAP On A Date

In custom developments, occasionally, requirement demands calculation or identification of dates like – 90 days before the current date, first date of the month, months between dates etc. SAP, fortunately, provides many function modules to facilitate such calculations which at... Continue Reading →

Dial X For Dump

In a previous post we talked about putting an infinite loop in code to debug programs running in background. However, sometimes it is a little cumbersome to go into debugging mode. An alternative to see if a code is working... Continue Reading →

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