Requirement: For a given address, Business wants if an address is not present, a new address should be created in the system. Example, Business wants a PO to be created via an inbound idoc but address coming in via idoc might/might not be present in the system. Before creating the PO, the system should create the Address in case it is not present in SAP.

Solution: Ensure that the preliminary data like Name, Street, Postal Code, City, Country, Region are available. This information will be the foundation of the development.

  1. Get Tax Jurisdiction Code: Call FM TAX_TXJCD_DETERMINE_CHECK passing country region and postal code. Tax Jurisdiction Code is important functionally as well.
  2. Maintain the complete address: Call FM ADDR_MAINTAIN_COMPLETE with the available preliminary data and create address object.
  3. Get the address number: Call FM ADDR_NUMBER_GET to get the address number.

It is advisable to validate the address number by querying on ADRC table to ensure the address is created before using it.