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How To Scan ABAP

Picture this. In about 30,000 programs in system, checking on wherever word ‘Kennedy’ is hardcoded and if so, it had to be replaced with ‘Johnson’. It was done for 5 programs and nobody remembers them. To scan string (even regular... Continue Reading →

Table Without (Maintenance) View

Consider this situation - there is a custom table that is not expected to be maintained by user; only by program and in course of testing, you realize that you have used all available test data and means to create... Continue Reading →

Using Infinite Loop For Testing

Scenario – A program has to be run in background or a routine is called when an inbound idoc is getting processed through proxy. A normal debugger doesn’t work in such scenarios. An easy solution to directly hit the code... Continue Reading →

Quick Code To Send Email – Using Function Module

The best way to send email in SAP is using CL_BCS but it’s a little cumbersome code and unless an attachment – any file or XL – is required, using a function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 is a quick smart way to... Continue Reading →

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