Consider this situation – there is a custom table that is not expected to be maintained by user; only by program and in course of testing, you realize that you have used all available test data and means to create new test data are not at your disposal. If there is a way to clear or change the data without using any sm30 maintenance, it will be a great aid.

Function Module SE16N_INTERFACE is a big help. It is a display for SE16N transaction and facilitates editing the data including deletion. Since it leaves the table extremely open, be cautious in its use.

Steps to delete entire table –

Goto SE37 and execute the FM.

Importing Parameters – <table_name> is passed into i_tab, ‘X’ is passed into i_edit, i_sapedit and i_display. Leave rest of the fields empty.

Select the rows and delete them.

This FM also allows – addition and modification of data.