SAP Cloud is designed to be consumed by industry but every client has specific needs for which customization is needed. However, SAP Cloud avoids customization to a great extent by employing extensibility in the Cloud core. These changes/modifications needs minimal technical skills and can expand the functional scope in short turnaround time.  

Extensibility Scenarios – 
1. Field Extensibility   
2. Table Extensibility
3. Logic Extensibility
4. Report Extensibility
5. Form Extensibility
6. UI Extensibility

Example –

Consider a reference field needed at a sales order header level which has to pass all the way to invoice when the delivery and subsequently delivery is created. Using Field extensibility, the field can be added to different standard table like Sales Order Header Table. The logic to maneuver the value in the reference field can be dictated by logic extensibility. Similarly copy control from sales order to deliver to invoice can be addressed. All reports and forms based on these documents can be easily updated by leveraging Report and Form Extensibility.