With ASAP Methodology and SAP Launch Methodology occupying the space, there was a need for incorporating the best of the worlds and package with learning from SAP Best Practices with applicability to SAP S/4 Hana in On-Premise and Cloud. SAP Activate is the new SAP Methodology that promotes innovation and expedites implementation, packaged with pre-defined roadmaps to cater to project management requirements in SAP Projects.

SAP Activate has the following highlights:

  1. It builds on the tools which are part of SAP Best Practices for S/4 Hana. Example – Business process structures, predefined test scripts,  migration and integration assets etc.
  2. It supports with guided configuration enabling implementation of S/4 Hana right from conception to production support. It intends to minimize the inconsistencies and ensure a smooth functioning during the process.
  3. Caters to the requirement for both On-Premise and On Cloud solutions. It intends to replace ASAP in On-Premise domain and SAP Launch in On  Cloud domain. It is also equally compatible with Hybrid environments.
  4. It is a modular and agile methodology which promotes innovation at a better speed