Unlike Reports, Module Pool Programming use ingenious use of programming to display the output in the form a collection of screens, flow, and events. It is written in ABAP and needs logical thinking of processes before etching down the code.

In Module Pool Programming, there are four different kinds of events –

  1. PBO – Process Before Output: Whenever the program is executed using a tcode, the initial and default values are fetched and displayed on the screen. PBO event facilitates that display.
  2. PAI – Process After Input: When a user passes any data/input on the screen, this event is triggered so that follow-up action can be taken.
  3. POV – Process On Value Request: When a user wants to get plausible value/ranges for a component that can be used on the screen, he presses F4 which triggers this event.
  4. POH – Process On Help Request: When a user wants to get technical details for a component, he presses F1 which triggers this event.