Git is an open source version control system that can accommodate source code management in a project – small or large. abapGit is a Git Client written for ABAP which has arrived as must know on the skill set of every job opening for an ABAP developer. Many organizations are providing in-house git servers to cater to their development needs. abapGitServer can be easily installed on the application system.

abapGit provides following advantages –

  • abapGit allows the user to keep an interim version of their development which is a great help in case redaction is needed.
  • abapGit automatically takes backup to avoid any loss due to system failures.
  • abapGit automatically determines which user is working on which object and maintains versions accordingly.
  • Version maintenance of objects like smart forms is possible which is otherwise not possible in abap.
  • abapGit facilitates a chronological history of changes made in different versions of objects.