Database utility is a handy tool to edit any database object created by data dictionary objects. It acts as an interface between ABAP Dictionary and underlying RDBMS. Amongst its utilities, following are notable –

  1. Change a database object based on changed requirement
  2. Activate database objects
  3. Create/Delete/Change table and indexes
  4. Mass processing and obtaining logs of mass processing

Navigation – SE14 or SE11 -> Utilities -> Database Utility

Upon creating a database utility, it provides three database operations and three processing types.

Database operation –

  • Create Database table
  • Delete Database table
  • Activate & Adjust Database Table – option save and delete data

Processing type –

  • Direct – foreground processing
  • Background
  • Enter for mass processing – used to process a large volume of data

Irrespective of success or failure of the process, logs are created which are very helpful in identifying issues in case of failure.