LSMW is the acronym of Legacy Systems Migration Workbench. It is a handy tool to transfer data from non-SAP system to SAP system. It can be used as a one-time solution for a complex and heavy load or as an everyday solution for frequent uploads of rudimentary data.

LSMW can accomplish three main functions –

  • Read Data – import legacy data into workbench so that it can consume it for further steps
  • Convert Data – data format in legacy system might be different from SAP and hence, conversion is needed
  • Import Data – data is imported into SAP and transaction steps are followed based on approach.

There are four methods of data transfer –

  • Batch Input Program – standard programs like RFBIDE00 are used to upload data
  • Batch Input Recording – a BI Recording is used to upload data
  • BAPI – SAP has provided standard BAPIs to upload data
  • IDocs – inbound IDoc programs are used to upload and process data

Once a suitable method is identified, source structures and source fields are designed to define the hierarchy of the data and the respective population of the same in corresponding fields. After that, the relevant structure relationships are maintained. Once this is done, the source and target fields are mapped. Certain fixed values, translations, user defined routines are defined for reusable components.

Once LSMW is ready to be used, files are read and consumed. This file can be picked either from the front end or application server. This has to be defined for smooth processing.