An Idoc consists of three types of records –

  1. Control Records – It contains data vital for an Idoc processing in a sender and recipient system like type and direction of Idoc, sender/receiver port and type of partner, Idoc status etc. Data for Control Records are available in table EDIDC.
  2. Data Records – Data records are the data that one system sends to another. For example, ABC want to send net price of an invoice to ECC. The net price is stored in a segment in the Idoc. Data for Data Records are available in table EDID4.
  3. Status Records – It contains different statuses and messages at different processing stages of Idoc. Data for Status Records are available in table EDIDS.

Main IDocs TCodes –

  • WE02 – Idoc List Report
  • WE19 – Idoc Processing
  • BD87 – Idoc Processing
  • WE20 – Partner profile maintenance
  • WE21 – Ports for Idoc processing
  • WE30 – Type development
  • WE31 – Segment development