Let’s think of a scenario where Hector Sales is a customer to Paris Inc. Paris sells five different scents named Helen 01-05 with material numbers 1001001-5. However, Hector Sales prefer PARIS_HELEN_01-05. When Hector Sales calls the sales officer at Paris Inc, he orders 500 bottles of PARIS_HELEN_01. The sales officer knows 1001001; not PARIS_HELEN_01. This is where the config for CMIR comes into picture.

CMIR translates customer language to organization’s language to avoid any confusion whatsoever. This allows organization to take orders from customer easily. Needless to say, material number and customer material number mapping depends on the customer. Achilles Sales might have some other nomenclature for Helen scents.

Relevant transaction – VD51, VD52 and VD53.

Enter Customer, Sales Organization and Distribution Channel to see a screen where Material and Customer Material Number can be mapped.

When the sales order will created, sales officer will be passing Customer Material Number and will get the material number.