BRFPlus -> Advanced version of Business Rules Framework

In SAP, business processes are largely driven by configuration provided by SAP and customizing both in code and config. However, at times certain business processes need rules to streamline their processes. Condition technique and Formula Builder few of many such solutions. However, maintaining them in a dynamically changing environment is a tedious effort.

For example, there is an added surcharge on certain customers based on certain conditions that change based on written contracts. That surcharge can be coded and configured but if that value changes frequently, it will involve a significant effort.

Business Rules Framework comes to rescue in such scenarios. Code can look at BRF+ to identify the value of added surcharge, the relevant customer and if relevant conditions are met. The framework can be approached as an UI interface without and risk of affecting the code underneath. It has a strict adherence to business-oriented outlook.

Since BRF+ is integrated with SAP Netweaver, it can be directly accessed by SAP Objects – programs, class, routine, forms, exits etc. – and it can access SAP objects like data dictionary. Similarly, if any external system is compatible with SAP, it can also connect with BRF+ via SAP without using another pipeline. This eliminated the use of any external engine to control SAP processes with changing business environment. Impact on processing speed – minimal.

Following are some of the functionalities –

  • Define Rules and how the rules will be used can be controlled as well.
  • Define Decision Trees where one decision has a different follow up than another.
  • Define Decision Tables which can control input output values that can be accessed from SAP NW.
  • Actions like Email, Workflow Events etc.
  • Import Export functionality in XML format.

We will explore different BRF+ concepts and will to try to provide an insight into this world.