Books Published

Agile For ABAP Developers

Agile For ABAP Developers aims at casting spotlight on how ABAP developers can take advantage of Agile principles to improve the quality of their work. By making use of Agile principles, developers can deliver a working prototype quickly and enhance the prototype iteratively and reach the desired version before the estimated deadline. It is highly valued in changing business scenarios and in cases where end-user is not sure about the final product. Since more and more clients/companies are shifting focus on Agile Methodology, for ABAP Consultants, it is prudent to make a change in development philosophy.

Designing Rethinking

Principles of Design Thinking have evolved to address the challenges of product development in the evolving business ecosystems. While adopted by designers across the world, developers are still a little aloof of the concept. Developers need to rethink their approach to solution designing.

Cubicle Entrepreneur

Over the years, companies have started supporting people with entrepreneurial attitudes within the organization. Such resources are supported by the technical and logistical infrastructure so that they could develop in-house solutions adding to the bottom line of the company. This enablement engages the resources while tying up their performance with their progress. Such resources could see significant progress within the organization while having the opportunity to work on their brainchild without the risk involved with any startup.

This has led to a unique situation. The resources who lacked entrepreneurial attitude used to manage within their ecosystem in yesteryears. Since the benchmark went up and entrepreneurial attitude became a standard resource quality, such resources found their skill set lacking.

Cubicle Entrepreneurship aims at guiding people in becoming better at work and carve a space for themselves.